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Long Term Disability is a significant financial risk. In the event that an accident or illness prevents you from working for an extended period of time, the financial impact can be severe. Fortitude Insurance Group is an expert resource and provider when it comes to offering Long Term Disability protection.

Fortitude Insurance Group can present you with Long Term Disability plans that are specifically designed to help cover your expenses while your regular income is interrupted, without adding pressure to your finances.

Our flexible plan design options and benefit alternatives are available to meet your specific requirements and financial needs, providing valuable protection with low-cost, tax-deductible premiums.


In today’s unstable economic climate, a steady income is essential. Short Term Disability (STD) protection is designed to replace a portion of the wages lost when a short term disability occurs.

Fortitude Insurance Group can provide you – no matter the size or budget you may have – with an affordable, flexible Short Term Disability plan that guarantees the benefits and coverage most required by individuals.

Contact Fortitude today to learn more about our coverage packages