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Deductible First Health Plans

How do they work?

  • Your company stops buying health plans that most of your employees do not use.
  • Instead, you purchase what is called a Deductible-First Health Plan that will reduce your premiums by 40%. Horizon and Aetna have marvelously competitive plans that will preserve all your present providers.
  • We include an Employer Funded HRA. Historically ONLY 30% of pledged HRA monies get used by employees creating even greater savings for employers.

Why do we endorse them?

  • Employees are happy because there will be NO doctor co pays, NO prescription co pays, NO hospital co pays, NO lab or MRI co pays for the entire deductible amount…your employees will have 100% coverage!!!!
  • Employers are happy because they are receiving a huge savings.
  • Preventative Care and Well Care deductibles are waived to encourage Wellness-everyone wins.

Why are all brokers not selling them?

  • They are unfamiliar with the plan.
  • They receive less commissions with the plan.

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